TimeGT 1.1.1

Improve productivity with this powerful task manager


  • Nice interface design
  • Tasks organized by categories and tags
  • Support for popular productivity methods
  • You can manually backup your data
  • Works with Google Calendar and Remember the Milk


  • The paid version features more options
  • No exporting tool to create reports

Very good

If improving productivity is among your New Year resolutions, TimeGT can lend you a hand!

TimeGT is a complete task management application that supports popular productivity improvement methods like the ones used by David Allen (Getting Things Done) or Stephen Covey (First Things First). The program comes in two flavors: Rabbit, which is the free version, and Hedgehog, which has a €4.95 monthly fee and includes online data sync and real time backup.

The free version of TimeGT however is perfectly usable for most people, and includes everything to help you manage all sorts of tasks in a more organized, efficient way. You'll be able to create a complete entry for each task (with notes and due date), organize them in different categories and assign them diverse tags for a more comfortable browsing.

TimeGT features a nicely designed interface that makes it a pleasure to use. All the basic information is visible at a glance, with small colorful icons that let you identify the most urgent tasks immediately.

The best thing about TimeGT is that it works for everyone: those who already use a productivity method like the ones I mentioned before will find the necessary tags and tools to apply it in TimeGT, and those who don't can use the program as a standard task manager.

TimeGT is compatible with Google Calendar and can also import tasks from Remember The Milk, though it doesn't have an exporting tool to create tasks lists or any other kinds of reports. You can at least backup your data manually to a file.

TimeGT is a nice, helpful tool to improve your productivity.



TimeGT 1.1.1

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